CVC Words

Learn to Spell by building CVC Words

Building CVC words (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) is an excellent way to help children learn to spell and read. These simple words are foundational in early literacy because they follow predictable patterns that are easy for young learners to understand. Here are some steps and activities to help children learn to spell by building CVC words:

Steps to Teach CVC Words

  1. Introduction to Phonemes:
    • Begin by teaching the individual sounds (phonemes) of the consonants and vowels. Use visual aids and phonics songs to reinforce the sounds.
  2. Blending Sounds:
    • Show how individual sounds blend together to form words. For example, blend the sounds /c/ /a/ /t/ to make “cat”.
  3. Segmenting Sounds:
    • Practice breaking down CVC words into their individual sounds. For example, break “dog” into /d/ /o/ /g/.
  4. Visual and Auditory Matching:
    • Use flashcards with pictures and corresponding CVC words. Ask the child to match the picture with the word.
  5. Word Families:
    • Introduce word families (e.g., -at, -et, -it). This helps children recognize patterns and apply them to new words.

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