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RIIZE’s Anton: A Captivating Cello Performance at MAMA Awards 2023

Anton, a member of the group RIIZE, captivated the audience with his cello performance during the ‘MAMA AWARDS 2023’ held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on November 28. The event was broadcast live on Mnet. The ‘WONDER STAGE’ of this year’s ceremony aimed to transcend barriers of region, language, genre, and generation.

Yoshiki, the legendary frontman of the Japanese band X Japan, known for his 18 previous performances at Tokyo Dome and selling over 30 million records worldwide, took center stage. Collaborating with K-pop sensations such as TXT’s Taehyun and Hueningkai, Yoshiki delivered a vibrant rendition of X Japan’s classic hit, ‘Endless Rain.’

While Yoshiki enchanted on the piano and TXT’s Taehyun and Hueningkai lent their vocals, Anton, son of the renowned singer and producer Yoon Sang, showcased his remarkable cello skills alongside Yoshiki’s piano performance.

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Han Yoojin showcased an enchanting contemporary dance performance on stage at ZEROBASEONE.

During the event, Park Chan-wook, the head of CJ ENM’s business division, provided insights into the conceptualization of the stage. He highlighted the significance of X Japan in Japanese music and emphasized their role in uniting people through music. Chan-wook expressed that X Japan was the perfect choice to convey this message.

He further elaborated, noting the strategic selection of Tokyo Dome as the venue, expecting a substantial presence of Japanese fans. He praised Yoshiki, known for fostering cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan, as the ideal artist to embody the theme of ‘Music Makes One.’ Specifically, he highlighted the enduring popularity of ‘Endless Love,’ which resonates deeply with Korean audiences.

Yoshiki received recognition at the ceremony by winning the Favorite International Artist award.

Credit: MAMA Awards

The ‘MAMA AWARDS,’ a prestigious global music ceremony hosted by CJ ENM for over two decades, is revered for its opulence, innovative concepts, and groundbreaking performances. The 2023 edition spanned across November 28 and 29 at the Tokyo Dome, marking two eventful days of celebration and musical brilliance.

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